What is the Bury Treasureline partnership?

The revitalised Bury Treasureline Partnership is the refreshed and updated version of the old Bury FC Treasureline that dwindled due to the club’s demise and outbreak of Covid-19. Partnered up with friends at the National Youth and Community Development Association, all members not only have
the chance to win £1000s each week via the NYCDA Weekly Draw, but can do their bit, knowing the proceeds are used for local community initiatives.

Taking the best bits of the old Treasureline lottery including staff and agents alike, we have come up with a refreshed offer that not only allows members to win £1000s each week but allows them to support a number of good causes from within the town of Bury.

For a number of years, we were delighted to work with Dawn Fidler of Super Josh to raise funds for their fantastic work with children suffering from brain tumours and their families. Unfortunately, due to the passing of Dawn in early 2022 and the closing of the charity, this part of the partnership had to end.

Please note that the Treasureline will never forget its roots with the old Bury FC and once, as we hope, a viable club emerges, we will provide support once more to that club’s community and player development activities.

Until that happens we are delighted to support a number of local initiatives via keeping the connection to local football. The Treasureline Partnership is pleased to be supporting the efforts of Bury AFC to keep alive the professional game across the borough of Bury, with a range of initiatives including the growth of girls and women’s football.