Bury FC had a long and successful lottery for a number of years in the form of Treasureline, which raised £1000s each year for the club’s community and player development activities over more than 30 years. Many local people experienced positive experiences via these club based activities and it is these positive experiences that we are looking to guarantee with the revitalised Treasureline.
Unfortunately as the club went into decline, which initially saw cost cutting of the player development and academy teams, before culminating in the club’s exiting of the Football League in 2019, the Treasureline lottery experienced similar difficulties with membership and partner support going into decline. This was further compounded by the outbreak of the Coronavirus, which made it impossible for agents to undertake their collections and engage members effectively, with the effect on the business community adding further problems
From Summer 2020, 1000s of members and dozens of local businesses have continued their support of the rebranded Bury Treasureline, as we look to continue to raise funds for sporting and charitable causes within the town of Bury. This will all supported by long standing members of the Treasureline team including club stalwart Joan Curtis and agents such as Steve Smith,  Sheena Adam, Gaynor Thompson, Karen McDonald and Mark Johnston